Queen Anne

Flourish Collection
Tai Ping

Inspired by the enduring beauty of flowers, Flourish imagines blooms transformed by the artistry of weaving. Poppies dancing in the breeze and an abstracted riverside Forsythia join the gesture of thrown stems in Tulipa and frozen buds in Iced Bouquet. Peonies are drawn to marvelous effect, Willow is seen through a train window, and Eucalyptus gets caught in an X-ray machine. Each of these ten designs awakens the senses through movement, colour and complex gradation effects.

Flourish uses hand-knotted construction techniques to convey vibrant colour tones with a combination of luxurious fibers. Master artisans in Nepal have hand-dyed the finest Tibetan wool and Chinese silk to translate figurative floral images into expressive compositions.

Flourish uses the lens of sensory experience to capture nature in a timeless hand-knotted heirloom.

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Wool & Linen